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INCOTHERM alloy TD is a nickel-chromium alloy that was originally developed for thermocouple sheathing where high temperature corrosion resistance and strength are required without the use of elements that may cause thermocouple degradation over time, the alloy has now been identified for uses in other high temperature and heat-treating applications. This product has been tailored to provide improved oxidation resistance over stainless steels and higher nickel alloys at temperatures up to 2282°F (1250°C) and possibly beyond. The alloying additions improve oxide scale adherence and reduce the rate of mass change, allowing the alloy to show significant improvements over alloys currently being used in heat treating applications.

INCOTHERM alloy TD has excellent resistance to nitridation up to 2151°F (1177°C). Lacking the alloying elements that form internal nitrides such as Nb or Al, the product exhibits freedom from microstructural degradation in nitrogen-based atmospheres.

Available product forms for the INCOTHERM alloy TD

Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe / Tube

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